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Trollstigen Resort, located in Rauma kommune, is situated on the Rauma River, amidst the Romsdal Alps. It is conveniently located only 5 km from the Romsdalsfjord and town of ┼ndalsnes.

Tourism has always been important in Rauma. During the 19th century, the Rauma River was a very popular salmon river, especially among English lords. Beginning as early as 1880, cruise ships began to visit ┼ndalsnes and a tourism organization was established in order to increase the number of tourists to the region. The Rauma railway began operating in 1924, and with connections from Oslo and Trondheim, the area was accessible to many more visitors.

The Romsdal Alps, which dominate the area, has been a destination for mountain climbers from all over the world, and today, continues to be popular with climbers and anyone who seeks excellent hiking and other outdoor activities.

Rauma is perhaps best known as the Gateway to the Trollstigen Road, one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions. This thrilling road was finished in 1936, and in 2011, it will be designated as a Norwegian National Tourist Road.

History of Trollstigen Resort

Trollstigen Hytteutleie began welcoming travelers in1960. It wasn't until 2008 that the name changed to Trollstigen Resort after Kjell Bergh, owner of Borton Overseas and Borton Volvo, both located in Minneapolis, MN, bought Trollstigen Hytteutleie.

Trollstigen Resort continues to offer comfortable tourist cabins, and camping facilities. Plans are being developed to expand by adding a hotel and restaurant to meet the increasing demand of tourists visiting this stunningly beautiful area.